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About the project
Cofoco Food is more than a quick option for your next catering experience. Enjoying its reputation as a high-quality catering provider, Cofoco Food delivers end to end culinary experiences driven by the ambition of bringing people together and creating memorable moments through food. Cofoco Food leverages a contemporary design highly empathetic to customer needs, turning the task of meal planning into a pleasurable experience — from exploration to checkout and beyond.

Client: Cofoco Food
Year: 2021
Industry: Food


UX Strategy
UX Design
Digital Product Design
Brand Refresh

From summer BBQ to Christmas lunch, each catering experience is carefully curated and carries its very own personality throughout the entire site. It is not just about the food. It is about being a good host, presenting your food in an inspiring way, being enlightened and having a great dining experience with friends, colleagues or family. The new and improved Cofoco Food empathetically guides customers through the check-out process, suggesting suitable add-ons, curating tips and more. Furthermore, each catering option establishes a subtle reference to the Cofoco master brand and its tradition of maintaining a variety of restaurants, each with a unique identity.

Development Partner: We Are Heavy