TV 2 Charlie

On air identity for an audience that refuses to be defined by age.
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  • TV 2 Charlie is about moments that matter. From the joyful and relatable everyday moments to the extraordinary moments that are memorable across generations. And everything in between.


Age isn't what it used to be. Thus, an audience defined strictly by this criteria is far more nuanced than before with both different interests and points of reference. Kontrapunkt's approach to accommodate this was to treat age as a mindset instead of some pre-defined characteristics that everyone aged 50 or more should match.

We tapped into a concept of familiarity with experiences that are shared through generations for less nostalgia and more memorable moments. This enabled the channel to make room for more modernity to suit the varied taste of the audience.

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Embracing Diversity

The TV channel provides a broad spectrum of content including lighthearted entertainment, music, documentaries, blockbusters and classic films in various genres. The common denominator for the content is quality that engages and taps into something relatable for everyone in the family.

Design Concept

Our ambition was to create a warm and approachable visual language. True to the straightforward nature of the audience, we wanted to make use of a few key elements. The colour palette is intentionally broad in order to appeal to both male and female audiences and to fit with the diverse programming.

The clear, bold typography used for titles and promos are inspired by movie posters creating an impact even when paired with the soft colours of the palette.

The dot is used both as a decorative element, as a transitional motion element and also to create visual themes supporting the shows and series. The pattern, typography and colours combined offer a lot of creative freedom with the juxtaposition reminiscent of the classic Bluenote Records album art.

Conceptual Sketches

Knowing that TV 2 Charlie evolves over time, we created various conceptual ideas to help establish a personal voice. We injected elements of self-irony within typographic compositions to stand out from other network branding in Denmark.

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Brand Strategist

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