The ASICS logotype is an icon. We joined forces with Bruce Mau Design in Toronto to expand the five-letter logotype into a complete bespoke typography that empowers the ASICS Tiger brand.
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  • “The typeface not only pays homage to Herb Lubalin’s iconic logo. It also makes it possible to communicate in a unique way across all aspects of the brand.”

    Rasmus Michaëlis, Type Designer


The bespoke typeface is an expressive and energetic sans serif geometric typeface suitable for many different purposes - whether blown up in big letters on the Osaka flagship store front, or set in small cases on a shoe box leaflet.

The one weight typeface contains more than 70-80 characters, including alternates and numbers providing possibilities for mixing up the letters and creating a unique, yet recognisable expression.


Our work on the typeface with Bruce Mau Design and ASICS Tiger was unveiled at the opening of the ASICS Tiger’s flagship store in Osaka Japan. It is a defining brand element ensuring the sporty expression inherited from Herb Lubalin’s original logotype design.

Brand design and implementation by Bruce Mau Design. All images below appear under courtesy of Bruce Mau Design and ASICS Tiger.