Arla Unika

Outstanding range of dairy products based on the Nordic nature and terroire. Discover the tremendous potential hidden in the tradition of Nordic gastronomy.

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Flagship store

Arla asked us to develop a flagship store in Torvehallerne - Copenhagen’s new deli food hall - and create a new dairy brand to be sold exclusively there. For ten years Arla has had an innovation project called Unika Arla, which develops unique cheeses inspired by Nordic nature and wildlife. After conducting intensive interviews with the leadership team it was decided to make this range of cheeses the hero of the new flagship store.

Authentic not sentimental

One of the first things we did was to interview the dairy masters responsible for the Unika cheese series. What struck us was the incredibly geeky passion, as well as the unsentimental approach, that they had towards their trade. It is about reaching the best result. Nothing else matters. If a cheese tastes better when shaped by a linen cloth, then that is what you do. That became our starting point for everything from visual identity to store design and tone of voice. With respect to the store, this meant that the choice of materials had to be unpretentious, authentic and have a tactile feel, without getting over-romantic. Materials such as slate are therefore an important part of the design. This is also reflected in the logo, which achieves a fine balance between being straightforward on one hand and on the other hand, personal and welcoming.

A for excellence

Kontrapunkt has been responsible for everything from strategy, visual identity, communication concept and copywriting to design of the flagship store. The new identity for Unika Arla has been rolled out on bags, signs, labels and promotional material about the store and the products. We’ve also developed a spin-off brand to Unika called “A”, which features products that are of the highest quality but aren’t part of the Unika innovation project.

ARLA UNIKA is a unique range of cheeses drawing inspiration from the Nordic seasons, land and nature, and developed in close collaboration with Michelin-starred chefs.