Workflow Automation

Our artwork automation solution KP Creator provides a smarter way to manage your packaging and POS artwork across brands/variants, markets and different stakeholders.

KP Creator can help you to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of your content management, artwork production and approval processes.  

KP Creator can give you:

  • Improved controland brand consistency based on central distribution of design templates and elements.
  • Reduced time to market through optimized and automated processes - “Approve once – Apply many times”.
  • Better overview from collating all data, such as design templates, artwork files, texts, pictures etc. into a central database.
  • Reduced risk of errors due to fewer manual processes.
  • Customizable workflows.  Our solution can be tailor-made to fit your existing processes.
  • User-friendly interface for content management and approval workflows.
  • Off-the-shelf backbone.  Our tool is based on plug-ins to standard Acrobat software and open source MySQL databases.
  • Positive ROI.  Initial implementation costs are quickly offset by subsequent savings.