Signage & Wayfinding

Signage is an important, and sometimes overlooked, part of an organization’s visual identity. Signs are often the first physical brand touch-point that your visitors or customers encounter. They can make your brand distinctly recognizable by combining three-dimensional shapes, colors, graphic elements, typography, and carefully selected materials. But signs must also perform specific tasks. They regulate and influence the flow of people in buildings and urban spaces. They help us navigate from A to B, and they can remind us of unmet needs and even cause us to change our behavior.

Kontrapunkt works with signage and wayfinding systems from a brand strategic perspective. We carry out all phases of signage development, from concept to implementation. Our extensive signage work portfolio spans store facades, airports, museums, educational institutions and government departments.

We also have extensive know-how in digital signage and animated visual information, which is ideal for presenting dynamic data and constantly changing messages. Our digital signage solutions are especially tailored to the needs of stores, airports and larger public transportation stations.

Our signage services include solutions within:

  • Exterior signage
  • Interior signage
  • Facade signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Digital signage

For further information, please contact:

Lars Larson

Client Director & Partner

+45 51 30 01 72

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