Service Design

Customers and users today expect a 360-degree brand experience. From the product they engage with, the shop they enter, to the personnel that helps them. A strong brand considers all touch points, in order to offer a complete and coherent experience.

Service design is about growing brand loyalty and making sure that your services stay relevant to the users and coherent with the core values of the brand across all touch points.

At Kontrapunkt our service design team is cross-disciplinary. We bring together our expertise in strategy, design, communications and user needs and -interactions across physical and digital platforms.

We start with the users, look into their needs and map and analyze how to optimize their engagement with your brand. We help define service propositions and explore your organisational and technical capabilities. Are there work-flows that need to be changed or improved? Is your technical system sufficient or does it need to be replaced or redesigned? We maintain a holistic perspective to create service design that matches customer needs as well as your resources and ambitions.    

Our service design services include: 

  • Assessment and evaluation of existing service model

  • Service vision and positioning

  • Workshops, field studies, observations and shadowing

  • Blueprint analysis including touchpoint reviews and storyboards of existing user journeys
  • Design of new services, future user journeys and recommendations for future initiatives

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