Packaging and POS

This is the closest you will get to your customer.

Does your product stand out on the shelf? 

Can’t see the wood for all the trees? Up to 76% of product purchase decisions are taken in front of the self – the so-called “moment of truth”. The value of strategic packaging & POS innovation and design lies in its ability to reflect your brand’s positioning and distinguishing your products from those of your competitors. At Kontrapunkt, we see this as a continuous journey of securing consumer relevance, differentiation and recognition. If managed right, packaging thus has the potential to become your most cost-effective brand touchpoint.

Is your packaging telling the right story?

Your customer’s experience with your product and packaging has an impact before, during and after the purchase. From seeing it on the shelf or on a website to receiving the goods and unboxing a product at home, the experience is a representation of your brand. When developing packaging & POS solutions for our clients, we are always aware of the customer journey, the emotional and functional needs of consumers, your brand promise as well as the solutions’ implications for cost and time to market.

Our highly specialized FMCG team works with local and global clients, across channels and markets, using a wide range of state-of-the-art digital tools and ISO certified processes. 


How we can serve your business:

  • Consumer brand strategy
  • Market and category insights and tendencies
  • Brand and product innovation
  • Design concepts and guidelines
  • Design adaptations (line extensions, local variants)
  • Qualitative & quantitative consumer testing of designs
  • Prototyping and mockups
  • Artwork implementation
  • Pack-shots, illustrations and food styling
  • Brand guardianship
  • Artwork management process optimization 


Workflow tools for a smart process:

  • KP-Proofing - online artwork proofing
  • KP-MediaBank - online digital asset management (DAM) storage
  • KP-Automator - automated artwork generation
  • KP-3DMockups - rotatable PDF packshots
  • KP-VirtualStore - animated shelve-standout analysis
  • KP-Ticketing - request tracking system with guaranteed response times

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