Brand Naming

A brand is much more than a name. That said, the right name could grow to become an important asset, while the wrong might be a serious challenge to the brand. A name is a signal, conveying how an organization thinks and behaves.

We specialize in all steps of brand building – from creating the brand platform to testing and implementation. Too often, the naming process starts in the aftermath of the branding process, which leaves it as nothing but a piece that must fit into the puzzle.

We believe that a brand name should communicate the position and personality of the brand. Therefore, our naming processes are a close collaboration between our brand strategists and designers – taking into account the client, competitors and customers. We ensure optimal alignment throughout all brand elements and consumer touch points.

The hardest part of naming is staying objective, but it mustn’t dominate. Gut instinct has a rightful place when we brainstorm. In the process we look at both functional and emotional evaluation criteria, and we aim to develop ideas within boundaries.

We develop names for corporate, products, service and retail brands.

Our brand naming services include:

  • Brand analysis (see also brand strategy)
  • Top management and employee workshops
  • Name generating
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer testing
  • Storytelling (see also brand communication)

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