Torsten Lindsø Andersen

Head of Type Design

Torsten joined Kontrapunkt in February 2017 along with Rasmus Michaëlis to kick start our new typography lab.

His many years of experience working with corporate visual identities are put to optimal use through designing and developing customised fonts for larger corporate brands. Focusing on the many ways letters and icons can be used and understood, Torsten is driven by an ambition to create textual cohesion across cultural contexts.

Within his area of expertise, Torsten skilfully masters every element of the process from concept development to final production, which clients such as ASICS Tiger, Infiniti, Enhedslisten, Strøm Festival and Designit have benefitted from. 

Before his time at Kontrapunkt, Torsten was managing partner in ÅBC specialising in typography design. Originally, he is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation where he also teaches and hosts workshops of various kinds.

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