Rena Gonatos

Graphic Architect

Rena is part of Kontrapunkt’s spatial team and works within the fields of architecture and graphic design. Her main focus is concept development and identity design. This includes working with both graphic and spatial elements, such as logo design, typography, building - as well as infographics, signage, wayfinding, interior- and exhibition design. Rena previously worked as a layouter at Dansk Byplan Laboratorium, as a freelancer within several visual identity projects, and with wayfinding at the agency 2+1. With a passion for working in the overlap between 2 - and 3D, Rena is a versatile and interdisciplinary designer. She works with a methodical and analytical approach, and always aims for substance and likeability in her design solutions.

Rena holds an MA in Lettering & Wayfinding from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, and was awarded the Duravit award for her master’s thesis where she designed a kitchen garden kit for improving quality of life in refugee camps. 

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