Bjørn Kristiansen

Digital Designer

Bjørn is a graphic designer with a strong focus on digital interfaces. With more than eight years of experience and handling a wide range of clients, he has a broad knowledge concerning the design and development of digital design solutions.

Believing in simple solutions and merging best practices with technologies, Bjørn develops websites with the user as focal point. Thus, he always cuts down on unnecessary functions to find the best way for the content to present itself. His area of expertise lies in building large scale websites based on the brand and the user while aligning everything from inputs at the initial meeting all the way to the technical implementation.

Prior to his position at Kontrapunkt, Bjørn worked at Sorthvid and Vertic where he built projects with clients such as Magasin, Lundbeck, B&O Play and Løgismose.

+45 52 14 59 77