Behold and see. The most prestigious hotel in Copenhagen brought into a new and modern era.
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  • “d’Angleterre has an iconic status as a symbol of adventure, indulgence and luxury. It is a lively, extravagant place – a ’grand palais’ in the center of the city – while it simultaneously makes room for a unique feeling of discretion and privacy. The challenge has been to frame an identity that contains both aspects and integrate it into modern urban life." 

    Mads Quistgaard, Kontrapunkt
  • Take a virtual tour in the newly renovated D'Angleterre
  • VIDEO: D'Angleterre reopens Wednesday
  • "Kontrapunkt has succeeded in bringing us into a new era by challenging what the new d'Angleterre is, who we are there for, and how we again reach out to the city. The new identity clearly communicates what d'Angleterre today stands for."

    Lars Svensson, former Brand Manager


The logo itself expresses both the fine balance between heritage and modernity and the eminent quality and elegance the hotel epitomises. The generously spaced letters and the centered composition gives the logo a certain grandeur that the deep green colour accentuates. The D’ANGLETERRE colour scheme consists of four distinct colours inspired by the hotel and its city. The size of the colour squares below show the prioritised way to use the colours.

Custom type

The bespoke typeface “DANGLETERRE” is the Grand Lady’s personal voice. It is used in headlines and on signage. It is used both online and on printed material. The typeface contains only capital letters, numbers and standard glyphs.