We designed a new visual identity for the Carlsberg Foundation and proved that hop leaves and not elephant trunks were the original inspiration for Carlsberg’s famous logo.
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  • Carlsberg's old logo is not what you think it is
  • “We got rid of the elephant feet and trunk in the design, and enhanced the organic shapes in reference to the hop plant. The typeface is based on classic roman typography in reference to J.C. Jacobsen’s fascination with antique architecture, which shines through when you visit Carlsberg. It's been an extremely enlightening design process.”

    Bo Linnemann, Founding Partner and Design Director, Kontrapunkt
  • Kontrapunkt has developed a unique visual identity to The Carlsberg Foundation. Being both classical and modern it unifies history with presence and our values with our visions.

    Flemming Besenbacher, Professor and Chairman


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